Pursuing Any Sort Of Accident Case With A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It might be smart to seek the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer particularly when the injured person has not yet gone to the doctor. It is because the victim will likely be asked how come he feels he ought to get settlement for his injuries if he did not even consult with a doctor. It can be argued that probably the victim failed to see how his condition was at the point in time of the accident or perhaps he didn’t have the funds. Plus, he was doubtful the insurance policies would include it. It may possibly be that the injury was not that terrible, but it influences the victim in a way that it interferes with his work. Insurance firms and responsible parties in a motorcycle accident may make it tricky for the injured person to receive, even in the event the injured person deserves settlement.

The fiscal cost of a motorcycle accident may be big. The motorcycle accident victim will need to work together with a seasoned personal injury attorney who knows about the damages he is trying to get, and also how that pay out adds up to towards what the injured person truly expects to see when following up on the motorcycle accident case.

There will probably be some other non-economic costs caused by emotional trauma, lack of sleep, depression, or losing a family member that could be a consequence of a motorcycle accident. In a primary consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer, the victim should tell him the complete account. Following a brief interview, the lawyer will certainly advise the sorts of payment that can be expected in the case.

After the lawyer has heard the victim’s story, he will go over what he believes the case is really worth dependent on the pieces of information offered to him and the chances of filing the claim with success. Should he feels that the chances of success are good and that the case is worth pursuing, then the attorney will explain the ways and strategies needed in filing a claim. Depending on the particulars of the case, the lawyer may by then have a notion as to whether to move forward by lawsuit, or by an agreement outside of court.

In following your case, the motorcycle accident lawyer will fill out a Complaint, also referred to as a Petition. The Complaint will state the situation to the court, identify the defendant and will explain the grounds for legal action and even the particular demands from the defendant. These demands will be the ones that the personal injury lawyer discussed with his client. The Summons and Service of Process shall be dispatched at the same time or right after the Complaint, and it will inform the defendant of the Complaint, and will give the length of time for their reply. The Complaint, Summons and Service of Process would be the very first court papers written and posted by the lawyer, and could be all the primary paperwork needed to dispatch. In response, the defendant is going to provide an Answer to the Complaint, and may admit, reject, or declare that there is “insufficient knowledge to admit or deny.” If a Counterclaim end up being registered, as it usually is in motorcycle accident cases, the expertise and proficiency of the motorcycle accident lawyer will once again required once more. A Counterclaim is comparable to a Complaint, on the other hand is sent back to the complainant with statements made by the offender.

How to Get a Loan For a Motorcycle

You have decided to buy a motorcycle and are ready to go find the perfect one. You might have already choose a certain model or want to find one that stand’s out to you at a motorcycle dealership. Before you start to look for your perfect motorcycle it is best to get your financial situation in check.

Getting a motorcycle loan in a lot of ways is very similar to getting a car loan.

The difference is you will find there are less Lenders that are willing to give you their money for this purchase. Even though motorcycle loans are becoming more available some institutions still feel it is a specialty loan.

Getting a motorcycle loan does not have to be a painful process and it can actually be a positive for you. You get the motorcycle of your dreams and are able to build up your credit rating. If you do your research and find the loan best suited for you needs, do not overspend on your motorcycle and pay off the loan on time you are going to be onto a winner.

As with all loans you will want to find out your credit rating.

You can obtain a free credit report from Experian

Who is Experian?

Experian is the UK’s largest credit reference agency. When you apply for credit, you will probably give the lender (the company you want credit from) permission to carry out a credit check through us. We do not decide who should get credit, but the information we provide (which you can see by asking us to send you your credit report) may help the lender to decide. This information includes details of the electoral roll, court judgments, bankruptcies and your current and past credit commitments.

Consider how much you can afford

Be honest with yourself when considering how much you can afford to borrow and you will be able to afford the monthly payments. You don’t want to end up taking a loan out for a motorcycle then realising you cant afford to make the repayments and ending up in debt.

Shop for a motorcycle within your loan amount or you will be disappointed.

This is the reason that you go and find out what motorcycle loan is available to you before you start looking for a motorcycle. You would not want to have your heart set on a £15,000 motorcycle when all the Lenders will loan you is £7,500. And do not forget about the extra costs explained above.

Another reason to get a motorcycle loan before shopping for the motorcycle is that if you do not you might be talked into using the dealerships financial services. Dealerships on a whole do not give customers good deals on loan rates. Unless your credit is so bad you believe this is the only way you can afford a loan should you walk into the dealership ready to use their finance department

When discussing a motorcycle loan with a loan company ask questions about the loan.

  1. Ask if the rate is fixed or variable?
  2. Would the rate change in the future for any reason?
  3. What are the administrative fees associated with this loan?
  4. Are there any penalties for paying the loan off early?
  5. what would happen when if you are late on a payment?
  6. Will the interest rate increase if payment is 30 days late?

Looking for loans online

Many online finance companies no longer require an application fee so you are saving already with this method. Some agencies might require a down payment either but it is always wise to put down some money if at all possible. Online loans have advantage such as usually have a lower APR. Shopping online saves you time because the approval process can be take as little as 15 minutes.

dealership’s finance department

Dealers use their loan department as an extra way to make money. They know that people that use that department are usually desperate or making a spare of the moment decision and can be milked by the high APR.

Repayment schedules

Repayment Schedules For online loans are usually 12 – 36 months. There are longer ranged loans, up to 72 months in extreme cases. Many finance companies use the simple interest method as a way to calculate your monthly payments. You never want to get a loan with the rule of 78 in which you are paying all the interest first. This will leave you upside down on your payments if you decide to sell the motorcycle before the end of your loan. As mentioned earlier look for a lender that does not have a prepayment penalty. You do not want to be stuck with an extra fee for being able to pay off your bike early.

Motorcycle Rider Clubs

According to Wikipedia, a motorcycle club is a group of people who have a common interest in motorcycles. Motorcycle clubs are enterprises operating legally, mostly for fun and charity. However, there are those that are outlawed, usually referred to “Onepercenters” because they are estimated to be one percent of the motorcycle population. American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), the umbrella body of motorcycle clubs, currently has 1200 charted clubs under its wing and counting.

Motorcycle clubs are classified into five major categories:

1) Motorcycle type (street bikes, cruiser bikes etc)

2) Motorcycle manufacturer (Kawasaki, Harley-David, BMW etc)

3) Riding style(stunts, street bikers, etc)

4) Location (New york, Texas etc)

5) Special Interest (religious affiliation, profession or sexual orientation)

Motorcycle cubs are run differently from each other. They have their own set of rules which every member must abide by. All the clubs which are registered by AMA are legitimate and their activities are mainly charitable events and community-based service.

The One Percenters Vs Ninety-Nine Percenters

Onepercenters are outlawed clubs; they are not registered with AMA and are deemed to be involved in illegal operations. However, they claim that they were branded thus by law enforcers to portray them as criminals. They explain that they use the term “onepercenters” to show commitment to “biking and brotherhood”; they believe that riding is not just a hobby but a way of life… a culture!

Along with their culture comes a biker lingo and fashion. Onepercenters are usually clad in black leather with patches, otherwise known as colors, which signify a subset (gang) with which a rider is affiliated.

Clubs Culture

High and Tight

Members of motorcycle clubs ride together in a group to prevent other motorists from breaking into the group as they travel. They also have traffic guards who control traffic ahead of the others to allow the group to ride without any interruptions especially during rallies or when holding events. This is what is called “high and tight” rides.

Territory and membership

Most clubs are territorial; either by state or by area of operation. Some may have nation-wide membership which makes them have state chapters. A good example is Hells Angels. Other smaller clubs are forced to wear patches of “support” of the dominant club under which they operate. This is usually done for protection. However, law-enforcement clubs, like police clubs and military only clubs, are not allowed to be part of or support any gang, dominant or not.


Rivalry among clubs has greatly subsided with the help of local COC (Coalition of Clubs).


Some clubs are sponsored by certain organizations such as “HOG” (Harley Owners Group) and CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association). These clubs do not have any patches and are just a group of motorcycle riders who share a manufacturer or other special interests. They are mainly formed for a specific objective; say to preach as in the case of Christian motorcycle clubs. These types of clubs are not referred as motorcycle clubs per se, because they lack patches to identify them.

That is the difference between outlawed motorcycle clubs and legit motorcycle clubs. Each club is governed by a different set of rules, and the objectives of the various clubs differ largely. Use the above mentioned points to make a smart choice if you are thinking of joining a motorcycle club.